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Episode 1 Resources

“Letter From a Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., can be found here, and this page includes a link to an audio recording of Dr. King reading the complete text of the letter.

Read “A Call to Unity” here.

Episode 2 Resources

The course Amena is sponsoring on critical thinking in violent times begins March 9, 2024 and can be found here.

Article “A Conversation on Race is a Horrible Goal” by Scott Woods is here.

Episode of “Bad Faith” with Brihana and Dean Phillips is here.

Resources for Advocacy for Palestine

Sign the pledge to support Palestine at, here

“Palestine Resource Guide” by Robin Divine, updated almost daily, here

Liberate Palestine Now Linktree, here

“Shades of Anger” messages, here

About Unraveling -Isms

Amena Chaudhry and Kay Coughlin launched the “Unraveling -Isms” podcast on February 14, 2024.

Amena is a DE&I strategist and consultant and can be found Zarafa Consulting (here).

Kay is a business coach for non-profits and social justice innovators and can be found at (here).

Amena Chaudhry

Amena Chaudhry


Kay Coughlin

Kay Coughlin